Team Treat Initiative

by Reyes Leon


"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson


What events are considered Team Treats?

  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR).
  • Team building activities

Behind Team Treats, what are the benefits?


How does it work?

1. Finance distributes the budget among C-Levels.

a) What does the Team Treats budget cover? Venue, meals with Nexthinkers during
team sprints, events, and outings, props, transfers and activities.

b) Transportation and meals while traveling to and from your home will be covered by the T&E budget, any additional spending will be at the employee’s own expense.

 2. How C-Levels can apply the Team Treats Budget?

a) Organize one big event for the entire department.

b) And/or split the budget between team leaders to organize small events.

 3. Approval is required from the Team Lead before any reservations are made.

  •  Who can approve Team Treats?


! The Accounting team will not make any payments unless the Team Lead approval is obtained.

4. The Team Lead will give the go ahead for the activity. The Team Lead will be updated by
the Travel Team on the remaining budget regularly, for next venues/activities.

5. Event proposals will be presented by the Travel Team, including:


 6. How to expense a Team Treat through Expensify?